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Addiction Counseling

Addictions take many forms. Overindulgence in anything can be harmful. Those given to especially harmful addictions not only hurt themselves but the affects reach to family, friends, and our culture. New Life Counseling is dedicated to assist those who find themselves in an addiction lifestyle and their loved ones.

Family Counseling

Families are at the core of our society. It doesn't take much to offset the balance.  We are committed to help families transform and re-create themselves. Not just healing but to grow toward a healthy life.

Individual counseling

Each person is valuable.  Sometimes life disrupts and confuses us.  There are moments we need to reach out for help and understanding.  Our counselors can come alongside and give guidance and direction through these times.

Stress No More

Reducing Stress in a Changing World


The process from frustration, hurt, grief to a life of satisfaction, healing, and peace.  The journey to wholeness is personal and often difficult.  We often need people of experience and wisdom to walk alongside us.  Caring individuals of integrity.

New Life Counseling provides an environment where significant healing and transformation can take place

Lives Transformed!

Addiction Help

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